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EMRs and related systems have become essential tools for physicians and health care custodians in the modern era. Their utility will continue to grow as medicine moves towards embracing a culture of continuous quality improvement, facilitated by digital health systems. The electronic medical record is a comprehensive training session designed for those individuals that will be working in the health care industry. The program reflects the latest advances in EMR systems providing healthcare custodians the required knowledge and skills needed to work with confidence. This course will provide students with an overview of the electronic medical records with an emphasis on confidentiality, privacy, medical law and ethics, and patient rights. The students will also be given an overview of digital imaging systems, DI systems electronically collect, store, manage, distribute and display patient radiology images and reports entirely in digital format, without the need for film. Canadian Ultrasound Institute is committed to dispensing the quality of teaching and training.

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Canadian Ultrasound Institute

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