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The latest admission form for downloads will be available soon. For any queries contact: 905-507-4756 or 647-909-7865


Welcome to the Admission Form page for the Canadian Ultrasound Institute & Research Centre, where your journey towards a rewarding career in medical imaging begins. Our streamlined Admission Form process ensures that prospective students can easily apply to our esteemed programs and embark on a path of professional growth and advancement.

Completing the Form is the first step towards joining our vibrant academic community. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive instructions, our Admission Form simplifies the application process, making it accessible to aspiring students from diverse backgrounds. Whether you’re interested in our diploma programs, certificate courses, or advanced training modules, the Admission Form caters to your specific educational needs.

Our  Form is designed to capture essential information about prospective students, including academic qualifications, professional experience, and career aspirations. By providing detailed responses to the questions posed in the form, applicants can showcase their readiness and enthusiasm for pursuing a career in medical imaging.

Moreover, the  Form serves as a gateway for applicants to express their interest in specific areas of study or specialization within the field of medical imaging. Through targeted questions and prompts, the form allows applicants to highlight their areas of interest and expertise, enabling us to tailor our programs to meet their unique educational goals and aspirations.

Throughout the Admission Form process, our dedicated admissions team is on hand to provide assistance and guidance to applicants. Whether you have questions about the application requirements, need clarification on specific sections of the form, or require support with uploading documents, our admissions staff are committed to ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for all applicants.

In conclusion, the Form is your ticket to unlocking the countless opportunities that await you at the Canadian Ultrasound Institute & Research Centre. By completing the form and submitting your application, you take the first step towards joining a dynamic community of learners, researchers, and healthcare professionals dedicated to excellence in medical imaging. Begin your journey today by filling out the Admission Form and charting a course towards a fulfilling and rewarding career in this exciting field.